Monday, July 28, 2014

Heavy Soul- TBK

What is this beautiful and historical location? I'm glad you asked. It's Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, just North of San Diego. It's so fascinating to see such history and try to comprehend how old this place actually is. I picked up a couple of wall crosses from their gift shop; one was made by a local artist and the other from a small village in Mexico. Very excited to create a cross collage on my wall. Stay tuned.

Lingerie details are some of my favorite additions to putting an outfit together. Here I styled it with a vintage Harley tee, some Levi's cutoffs and my hair in a victory roll for some irony. Boom.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Ocean- LZ

Welp, this place was amazing. Traveled over to Point Bonita Lighthouse across the Golden Gate and caught some of the best views. We got the shut down on tunnel access, but there will be another time. If you're in the Bay Area, this is a must see. Like, mandatory.

This fringe top is obviously everything and leather shorts with ringlets? Yes please. Although, I'll stray from time to time, mixing tough and fem styles together is a must for my liking.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Goodbye Blue Sky- PF

I was down in San Diego and stopped by an area that had been affected by the fires a couple of months ago. The scenery was pretty gnarly and I was glad to see that the homes near this location were safe. I was however, pissed about stepping in ash with my suede boots, but that tree looked rad.

I'm obsessed with this skirt. I styled it with a vintage Harley tank and a leather jacket. I wore my hair in a victory roll to add a pop of pin up and teased the pony. I like wearing my hair like this with outfits that stray away from it's origin of the 1940's... a time that has major influence in my style.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bring It On Home- LZ

Another location visited while on my vacay was The Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia, CA. Huge location, beautiful surroundings, and hostile geese. So funny to see them attack people when they got too close. The guy looking up in the last photo was ready. I named him Winston. 

So, I will never get over palazzo pants. To edge mine up, I wore a cut and cropped muscle tee. Basically, it coveys that I'm a classy lady...that will meet you at the nearest dive if you offer to buy me a drink. 

Strange Magic- ELO

So I was visiting home for vacay and stopped by this rad church called, All Saintes Church in Pasadena, CA. After taking some shots, we moseyed on over to The Pasadena Civic Center. I felt totes innapropes for wearing a black corset and high waisted shorts while taking photos at a church, but dude, can't pass up a beautiful spot like that--Goth vibes for days.

Anyway, I own more kimonos than one should, but this one's in my top 2. The wind makes me look like a wizard, right? No? oh.