Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Swerve City- D

So there we were, running around Silver Lake in LA, CA. Next thing you know, Jack White from The White Stripes was shopping in a vintage store right next to us as we were taking photos. We had 2 choices; 1, be crazy betches and take advantage of the fact that we had a rad camera with us or 2, try to discretely take a peek in the store and run off giggling. Well, considering that there are no photos of him on this blog post, you can guess which we chose. Foiled again!

Stripes and floral are some of the safest prints to mix. Add some leather and a pop of color from my kicks and I'm all set to run around and hide from celebrities.

Photo Cred:  LA-Based Photographer Kristin Olivieri of Eight Arrows Photography

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